Nearly every village between Amed and Banyuning has a small supermarket with the usual foods. Adi Shop in Bunutan specializes in western products and offers daily fresh bread and a good range of fruit, vegetables, wines and spirits. With them, you can also order over the phone for a free home delivery.

Fresh chicken, meat and fish are not available in the supermarkets and can be obtained through our cook Komang.

The town of Culik, a few kilometers west of Amed, has a daily market where the inhabitants of this region do their grocery shopping. The marketplace is a bustling centre full of everything you might need for the Balinese kitchen -- from spices and vegetables to fruit, poultry and meat. A worthwhile visit, also just for the fun of it!


There are many eating places along the coast, including a broad spectrum of small family-owned Warungs as well as western-oriented restaurants. You can go to a rustic setting right on the beach for freshly-caught fish or enjoy a delicious steak with a good bottle of wine in a more classy ambience. There is a whole world of choice! Basically, the cuisine is fresh and tasty and surprisingly low priced.

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